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NikeLab x Kim Jones

NikeLab x Kim Jones

NikeLab x Kim Jones unpacks innovation into packable collection.

Acclaimed designer Kim Jones' life is travel. His youth spread across Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Ecuador and the Caribbean. Landing in London laid roots but didn't stop the travel. Much like a professional athlete, Jones lives largely on the road, and knows all too well the particular needs of athletes on the move. In this colorful capsule collection, classic Nike apparel pieces stand at the cross section of innovation, comfort and style. With the understanding that packability is key, and less is often more when it comes to travel, Jones applies a minimalist approach and seamless construction methods to multi-dyed water-resistant fabrics for a fresh take on the iconic Windrunner and the all-new Windrunner Top in roll-up ready iterations. A multi-functional travel bag built to fit the entire collection and an athlete's travel essentials completes Jones' packable approach to NikeLab's Summer of Sport, for which travel is the one event in which everyone competes.

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