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NikeLab ACG Holiday 2017


Johanna Schneider is clear about what the latest ACG collection is designed to do: “My ultimate expectation for ACG garments is to provide the highest and best support in everyday situations that I faced in Berlin and that I know to be consistent with life in other cities,” she says.

Weather conditions (particularly temperature change) and durability are a given. Protection against the elements, whether outdoors or built, is essential. However, Schneider also believes that the distinction of ACG comes from a more abstract version of protection — that which comes from perception.


“My ultimate expectation for ACG garments is to provide the highest and best support in everyday situations.”

In many respects, solving for that comfort has been one of the underlying challenges in the crafting of the ACG assortment. Since its return in 2014, when Errolson Hugh joined as the line’s partner designer, ACG’s focus on urban utility has given new form to functional favorites — like GORE-TEX® parkas and flight jackets  — as well as defined new trouser silhouettes.


Now, with the introduction of ACG women’s, Schneider and Hugh — themselves long-time design partners with decades of experience in both fashion and outdoor apparel — the once concealed challenge of comfort is revealed. Most obviously, color is introduced: A bold orange for the NikeLab ACG PO Shell, a cool mint for the NikeLab ACG 3-in-1 Coat. With color, Schneider and Hugh reveal their soft, humorous side, but also make overt their brilliance in balancing emotion and purpose.

“The extremes we design from for ACG have to encompass the full range of possibility on the technical side."


The NikeLab ACG 3-in-1 Coat, the new collection’s hallmark piece, is a great example. While the men’s and women’s versions are built off unique patterns, the essential elements carry the same level of weather protection (from the GORE-TEX® outer shell) and emotion. “While the shell is a really still, solid color when you take it off, you reveal the energy that's living inside of you through the mint liner,” says Schneider.

The collection will be launching at YME Universe on December 9th. 

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