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YME Staff Favorites: Sofia

This season, YME Universe will include several series of "Staff Favorites", where our employee's will give you a private tour of the top 5 things they're craving right now and their seasonal favorites from our universe.


Next in line is Sofia, our trilingual sneaker-princess of the first floor. Sofia loves chunky sneakers, but also loves classic old school models from Vans. Sofia mixes skateboarding models with iconic basketball shoes like no other and that's why we wanted to know which shoes for AW17 she likes the most.


It's a chunky silhouette and a true statement piece. It's the type of shoe that's right there in your face. The AIR written on the side also stands out with the blue leather - which I really like.


I like these Vans a lot because it's old school and brings a certain nostalgia with the check print. It's a true, never-out-of-style model and colour-way - you can't really go wrong with a pair of Vans. I love the colour combination on this Air Zoom Mariah right here, it's so sleek and minimal, yet very fashion forward for the season. Bright colours in the sneaker game is always a win for me.


This one is so wild I had to include it in my top 5 sneakers right now. It's like a shoe from space, it has so many textures and elements too it. It's a bit crazy and farfetched - which I like. I also love these sleek Raf Simons sneakers a lot, I recently purchased them and haven't regretted one bit. I love Raf Simons and feel like this shoe is the perfect balance between function and style.


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