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The Tabi has arrived


You may be thinking about a camel toe, or you may even be thinking about the Nike Air Rift. But wether you like it or not - you have to get to know the Maison Margiela Tabi boot.

In 1988, Martin Margiela showed his debut collection under Maison Martin Margiela. Even though Martin has left his namesake brand, the Belgian fashion house still show signs of Martin's earliest ideas and designs - most of all the Tabi.

Comme-des-Garcons-6 Photo borrowed from Rosenrot

The shoe was worn by the models during his very first fashion show, as well as his last. In his debutant collection, Martin had the models walking in red paint before stomping over the canvas of the runway. This fabric was later used to create a jacket for his second collection.

Photo borrowed from i-D

The Tabi separates the big toe from the others and has been with the house since day one. If you collect or want to collect a memorable piece of fashion history, the Tabi is just that. It may look uncomfortable and it's not. However it's definitely a love it or hate it kinda shoe - but more than that, it's a legend.

The Maison Margiela Tabi Boot is now available online and in store!

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